How long do we play for?

We recommend 2 'sets' of dancing of around 1 to 1.5 hours each. We do 1 or 2 dances at a time, with a short piece of interlude music before the next dance(s). If your guests are really enthusiastic, then we can do more dances together.


How do you explain the dances to beginners?

All our dances are easy to pick up, and our caller will 'walk' your guests through the dance before we do it to music. Each dance lasts around 10 minutes, including the quick walk through.


What space do the band need?

We can usually adapt our band setup for the space available. Ideally, an area of 6m x 3m is comfortable. A stage, if available, does help the caller.


Do you have your own sound system?

Yes, we come with our own PA (Public Address System). All our electrical items have a current PAT certificate which is available for inspection on request.


Do you have lighting?

We have 2 coloured lights for the band playing area. We do not have disco style lighting.


What are your electrical requirements?

1 x 13amp socket


Do you require food and drink?

This is not a booking requirement, but many of our clients do provide this and it is always gratefully received, if available.


Do you play outdoors?

We often play for summer outdoor events. Please provide a weatherproof playing area for the band with staging or other form of protection from any grass. A paved patio with a gazebo is ideal.  A reliable supply of mains electricity is essential.


Can you address the haggis?

Ted Fitzgerald is available to provide the Selkirk Grace and Address the Haggis at Burns night celebrations. See video clip below.